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This is for employees to submit expense claims directly in the system - that are then authorized by their immediate supervisor.

supply chain erp, open source erp, erp managementAllows control petty cash expenses in a friendly way, so every employee (without any accounting knowledge) can enter their expenses, get paid for them, etc

It consists on a temporary GL table (pcashdetails), containing all info about payments and expenses done as petty cash. Once authorized by a supervisor (both cash assignments or expenses) are posted in gltrans table and flagged.

Once any transaction in the petty cash system has been posted can not be modified, edited or deleted in any way. Once posted, that's it.

Option provided to isolate non-accountant users (most of workers/users of Sahasnirman) from the technical details and names used in accounting -Definition of expenses allowed to be used in the Petty Cash system. E.g.: Code Expense: FUEL-COMMERCIAL , Description: Fuel for cars used on commercial trips to customers ,Account: 12345678 - Commercial car expenses

So when the system posts a petty cash expense against gltrans table, it will be posted against the GL account code selected.

Different kinds of users have different privileges. CEO can spend petty cash money on a different way than a truck driver does (no disrespect, for any of them ;-). The system maintain these different categories of tabs of table pctypetabs.

Currency: A tab will handle money in one currency only. So users allowed to spend in 2 or more currencies (e.g. international commercial team) will have 1 tab for each currency

Limit: Maximum amount the user can spend, to have a better control. Nowadays it only issues a warning of the supervisor, but can be coded to work differently (better)

Authorizer: User supervisor of the petty cash user. User authorizing (or not) expenses done, checking money is spent wisely and asigning cash to users

GL Account For Cash Assignment: GL account where the cash assigment comes from. It must be a bank account, so when assigning cash to a tab, the system will deduct the amount from the bank account and increase the petty cash account

GL Account Petty Cash Tab. In GL we should have an account (one per currency) to reflect "amount of money distributed among employees" or "Petty Cash Account". This is the account where the money goes after a cash assigment is done or where the money comes where an expense is posted.

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