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Before we can recommend any of our highly customized solutions, our first step is to analyze your processes and gain a deep understanding of your requirements and goals. We will work closely with you to design solutions that are economically and operationally viable for your business and scalable to serve your operations as they grow.

Our goal is to deliver leading-edge process automation and information management solutions specifically designed to enhance your operations and workflow, allowing you to add greater value for your clients.

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Our SAHAS NIRMAN erp solutions are seeing a new resurgence in companies across the globe. With higher material costs and the global economic downturn, reducing costs is a priority for mid-sized companies when sourcing our solutions and applications. Yet companies today can't sacrifice customer satisfaction to save costs. It's understandable how the pressures from the challenged economy in tandem with management and financial pressures can drive managers to gain short term benefits but this is at the risk of far more important long term drivers that are vital to sustaining market share and long term viability.

Information from mid-sized companies surveyed show thatSAHAS NIRMAN is essential to achieve the best performance results in reducing costs, while increasing accuracy, delivery performance and inventory management.

Light Metal Engineering ERP, Heavy Metal Engineering ERP

Benefits of SAHAS NIRMAN ERP Applications and Software Benefits showed:

  • Costs were reduced by 20% by companies using ERP software compared to under 10% by the industry average
  • Delivery accuracy increased 21% for companies using enterprise software
  • Administration costs were reduced 21% with ERP applications versus industry standard reductions of 8%
  • 116% more ERP functionality were used by the performing companies
  • Top performing companies were more likely, about 20% more, to be using the current version of their ERP application software

Overall, in reducing costs the 3 main areas that companies were able to cut costs were by

  • enabling transparency and visibility to business processes across the company,
  • optimizing sales, customer service and back-office functions such as accounting, finance, and admin, and
  • optimizing current capacity which includes labor, plants and equipment, warehouse space, fleet utilization, and scheduling of staff.

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SAHAS Nirman committed to enabling excellence, it collaborates with its clients to help substantially raise the level of their performance and profitability, and enter the world of e-Business. Nirman is all about re-aligning the Business Processes to ERP solutions and introducing Industry Best Practices through Bench Marking Exercises, thus enabling clients to achieve the much needed 'Competitive Edge' to survive and 'Grow'. Nirman a 'proven' software for Small and Medium Enterprises, designed and developed by experts. We have successfully deployed the same in several companies. Integrated Business Management, through Nirman, will give an Organization the 'competitive edge'.

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