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SAHAS Nirman - Easy to Use , Reduce IT Costs and Maintenance , No Client Installation - Easy Remote Maintenance , Platform and Device Dependent - Scalability , Time and Location Free -Access From Anywhere , E-Business Ready - Customers,Employees,Supplier , Affordable Solution for SMEs

Welcome To Sahas Nirman

Collar offers a wide spectrum of IT consulting in addition to its application development, integration, custom solutions inclusive of ERP solutions with a unique Concept development model. SAHAS Nirman is committed to enabling excellence, it collaborates with its clients to help substantially raise the level of their performance and profitability, and enter the world of e-Business.

SAHAS Nirman is all about re-aligning the Business Processes to ERP solutions and introducing Industry/Global Best Practices through Bench Marking Exercises, thus enabling clients to achieve the much needed 'Competitive Edge' to survive and 'Grow'. SAHAS Nirman a 'proven' ERP software for Small and Medium Enterprises, designed, and developed by experts. We have successfully deployed the same in several companies. The SMB [Small and Medium Business] sector is also taking to ERP seriously. Integrated Business Management, through SAHAS Nirman, will give an Organization the 'competitive edge'.

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ERP, ERP global Sales
From quotes to invoices, in just a few clicks
erp business software, SMEs ERP Customer
Maintain Customer profile, EDI & Login Configuration
web ERP, erp companies Supplier
Create Suppliers Invoice, New Shipments
Healthcare ERP, Pharma ERP Purchase
Raise Purchase Orders, Process Tenders and Offers, Authorise POs
Retail chain ERP, FMCG ERP Stock
Manage Inventory, Logistic and Storage
Chemical ERP, Electronics ERP Production
Manufacturing Orders, Work Order Entry
Packaging ERP, Printing ERP General Ledger
Maintain Accounts and Budgets, Bank Account Payments & Receipts
Metal Industry ERP, Forging ERP Asset Manager
Asset maintenance, Depreciation Journal
Casting ERP, Light Metal Engineering ERP Pettycash
Assign Cash, Claim Expenses, Expenses Authorisation
Heavy Metal Engineering ERP, ERP System BOM
Generate Bill Of Materials for Orders and Work Orders
supply chain erp, open 

source erp, erp management MRP
Material Requirements Planning to reduce costs & increase Profits
ERP, ERP global R&D
Create sample product for the work orders
erp business software, SMEs ERP Tax Maintenance
Tax Authorities,Tax Group and Rates Maintenance
web ERP, erp companies, Healthcare ERP Initial Setup
Configure the system at the installation of new database
Retail chain ERP, FMCG ERP, Chemical ERP Reports
Generate Reports for Various Modules
Chemical ERP, Electronics ERP Data Import/Export
Import Stock Items, Fixed Assets, Price List from .csv

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See how SAHAS Nirman can help you reach your goals

Reduction in Material Costs

SAHAS Nirman leads to improved procurement practices. Since your forecasting improves, your company is able to place orders well in time and avoid emergency purchases. As a result, the purchase department is able to obtain better terms and conditions from vendors. Since you are able to give your vendors a better forecast of your demands, they in turn are able to plan their production better and can pass on part of the savings to you. Better demand forecast allows your purchase staff to obtain better terms from your vendors and eventually this can mean a 5% reduction in your purchasing costs.

Inventory Reduction

SAHAS Nirman ensures, direct 20% inventory reduction. This is not only a one time savings of 20% of your inventory cost but there is a recurring element to it as well in terms of lower warehousing costs, handling and transportation and reduced damage and obsolescence etc. Together, these can contribute another 5% to 10% to your inventory related savings. Therefore the overall savings in inventory and its management alone can be of the order of 30% of the total inventory related your company manages.

There are other benefits too besides simply reducing the inventory and its carrying costs. While ensuring a reduced inventory, Nirman also ensures that only the useful items of inventory would be stocked. Since inventory would only be acquired based on actual requirements, a buildup of obsolete material would be prevented and there would be fewer shortages of parts. An implementation of just in time stocking can ensure that manufacturing is leaner and funds are better utilized to meet more important business needs.

Lower Cost of Labor

Since your manufacturing practices improve with the advent of Nirman, betterforecasting of demand and an improved work flow can be directly adopted and that you are required to do a smaller number of rush jobs as compared to the time before you had installed the Nirman. This reduces the requirements to re-set up your machines and tools and improves the throughput in your factory. All of these add up to lower production costs and better quality. Nirman can bring down your direct and indirect labor costs by as much as 10% by reducing overtime and re-work and speeding up the flow of work on the shop floor.

Improved Sales and Customer Service
Another major impact of the Nirman solution lies in improvements in Sales and Customer Service. Better coordination within the company and streamlined production leads to improved sales.The lead time to ship orders reduces and new customer requirements can be priced and produced quickly. Yet another advantage of the Nirman is in making the entire production system more agile. Such a system allows customers to alter their demands fairly late into the production cycle. This As a result, a company improves customer loyalty and brings about a better business environment. Running a good ERP system sees fewer lost sales, an increase in overall sales and far greater customer satisfaction. This increase can be as much as 10% of the previous sales value.
Improved Accounting and Cash Flow

Companies that run Nirman systems report a reduction of the number of days for their accounts receivable. This occurs because of better accounting, billing and reconciliation procedures. There is a closer follow up on outstanding or delinquent accounts and the efforts of executives are better channelized towards reducing such accounts. By simply reducing the days the receivables are outstanding, Nirman can improve your cash flow considerably. Besides this, Nirman also allows you to improve trade credit utilization by taking advantage of any possible supplier discounts and credit facilities. You can also plan your cash utilization much better because the needs are forecasted accurately. This leads to a reduced requirement of cash.

Impact of the ERP on Financial Ratios
There are more benefits to the company as well. These can be measured in terms of a number of its operating ratios. Three ratios are often closely monitored by the senior management. These are –
  • Inventory turnover ratio
  • Days of receivables ratio
  • Return on Assets
Here is how each of these gets better :

Inventory Turnover - A high inventory turnover means better material management. Low turnover means that the inventory is stocked with material that is not really required or that the inventory is overstocked.
Days of receivables ratio – This represents the number of days in average that receivables are outstanding. During this time the cash is blocked and no interest is being earned.This is crucial factor in managing cash-flow.Improvement in cash flow can be brought only by an improvement in billing, accounting and follow-up.

Return on Assets – This ratio is a good example of the efficiency of the management in managing the company. In a number of cases, this ratio has been found to have doubled from an average value post implementation of the Nirman.

Intangible Improvements Due to ERP

Besides the fairly easily measured improvements in efficiencies and production and cash flows, there are many improvements that are more intangible in nature but are equally important to the company. These are also important considerations when you decide to go in for an Nirman implementation. Many of these intangible improvements are critical to the future success of the company.

Improvement in Process Design and Production

Since Nirman uses a common database that runs through the factory floor as well as through the design section, it allows far better control over process design and production. This ensures that any planned changes to product specification are well controlled and do not create inconsistencies in design. In case any emergency changes are required, the changes are communicated to all concerned sections (including inventory and procurement and purchase) well in time. This results in greater stability and agility of the manufacturing process and allows for a faster response time. As a result, customers or sales persons can see for themselves Nirman: Justifying the Cost changes that are possible and those that are not. New cost estimates can be calculated on the fly.

Improvement in Accounting Procedures
Since the entire organization runs over a common database, there is no longer any need for duplicate accounting files. This improves accuracy and speeds up the accounting process. Product costing is rapid and the various cost structures such as those of material, production, labor etc are clearly visible. As each order moves through the production line, the accounting and recording statements are automatically generated and the general ledgers are kept updated. Customer invoices are generated automatically with the proper verifications. As a result, various time-based reporting statements can be generated with ease without any additional work. This improves the accuracy of control and timeliness of reports. Decision support tools work on actual data rather
Improvement in MIS Functions

Nirman system is implemented as a composite software package and this has a number of benefits when it comes to Management Information Systems. The MIS is no longer required to collate information from different data sources and is able to offer an instantaneous view into the company’s fundamentals. The MIS staff is able to service user needs better as a result of this integration.

Client Testimonials

  • Now, with Sahasnirman integrated CRM and ERP, we are much more efficient.

    Before we worked with a series of custom forms to manage customer's relationship and specialized software for accounting purposes.
    Since it was not integrated, it was really time consuming. Now, with Sahasnirman integrated CRM and ERP, we are much more efficient.
    Jayagopala Shenoy, Owner
    Sri Balaji Textiles
  • The end result is "exactly" what I had envisioned.

    My experience with Sahasnirman has been fantastic. The end result is "exactly" what I had envisioned. The staff has been responsive, competent, and professional. As a business owner, it is important for me to find vendors that I can depend on and that will make us look good to our clients. Sahasnirman has exceeded that expectation.

    Thank you for a refreshing experience!
    Animesh Dev, Director
    Sri Saidev Engineering
  • I would recommend Collar for your next project for their expertise and adaptability

    We were looking for a web application that would be efficient and easily accessible for all internal and external parties involved in our Product Sales. Sahasnirman was proposed to us as the tool to deliver on quality and time lines. We were very pleased with the multiple features the tool offers and the Sahasnirman team made a difference in rapidly understanding our needs and identifying our business requirements. Their expertise helped us streamline our processes and efficiently achieved our objectives. The team was dynamic and had the desire to help but kept in mind the autonomy of its client. Being in a different time zone was seamless as they made themselves available, adapted to our schedule and had an excellent time response. We found their training tactics very useful and innovative, using recent technology such as net meeting and live demos.

    I would recommend Collar for your next project for their expertise and adaptability!
    Akil Pirbhai, CEO, Pascal Computer Services, Mauritius
  • We are very impressed

    We are very impressed with Security bolt-on and your ability to deliver what was promised, on budget, and ahead of schedule. You've put together a talented group of professionals. I look forward to continuing our business relationship through the implementation of Sahasnirman.
    Jayesh Lakshmanan
    ERP Consultant


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